Bush Park The Goats

We had always planned to add goats to Bush Park to help with the compost by eating some of the weeds we pull up and branches we have thinned. To give some unfortunate goats a better life at the same time, we contacted Goat Welfare.

After several months with none available we were suddenly offered four on the same weekend, two of which were just down the road in Peter Tavy.
James Brown - Copyright A S HepworthThe story of our first meeting is buried in my diaries somewhere so let's just introduce you to James Brown (because he is!), a fostered rather than rescued, old neutered male Anglo Nubian. A bit arthritic but extremely friendly.

When DEFRA came to blood test during the F&M fiasco of 2001, both vets claimed he was the tallest goat they had ever seen!

He is 37ins (940mm) at the shoulder and 38ins (940mm) at the back. When he feels lively, he even has the odd head butting contest with the rest of the herd but his lack of mobility means he gets picked on by some of the others. If his friend, Sophie, a Saanan, is not near to hand he will come up and hide behind you, leaning against you for more security. (Unfortunately James passed away in 2005. At least he lived his last few years in comfort. When we rescued him he was in such a state his owners didn't think he would survive that year. That was 6 years ago)

Below are Mary & Blanche, more Saanans, daughter and mother with horns. Always amazed at the dexterity with which Blanche will use her horns to scratch literally any part of her anatomy and I mean every part! Mary is the pig of the herd and always eats till bursting point but hasn't yet. Stand still for a moment and Mary will creep up behind you and gently rub her face against you. Not affection though as we think she has dry eyes.

Mary & Blanche - Copyright A S Hepworth