ush Park The Place

Bush Park is a 15 acre smallholding on the western edge of Dartmoor between Lydford village and Brentor, next to the spectacular Lydford Gorge and the White Lady Waterfall both owned by The National Trust. It was once part of Manor Farm and three of the four ancient granite gate posts are still standing where the fields meet.

Most of the field boundaries are shown on the tythe map of 1840 but we have yet to research the history behind the original Manor and the name Bush Park.

The farm house was built as a bungalow in the 1940's but the slate roof tiles and wooden georgian style windows, a modern addition, have made visitors believe it to be much older. There are no buildings shown on the tythe map but the massive trees in parts of the garden certainly predate the house and could be a hundred or more years old.

The name "Bush Park", even "upper and lower Bush Park" is mentioned in the deeds to a neighbouring property that is several hundred years old. Until 1996 Bush Park farm was 44 acres where the owner bred pedigree Jersey cattle. It was his inventive architect that created the unusual property as it now stands with a second floor living room to take best advantage of the magnificent views of Dartmoor to the east, Lydford Forest to the north and of the sun setting over Bodmin in the west.

The current 15 acres include a spring that gushes from the hillside and then gurgles its way over the stones through a couple of acres of woodland before disappearing into the deep Lydford Valley. The woodlands extend to a long narrow strip of ancient woodland of oak and ash that was cut off from the forest when South Devon Railway extended their Tavistock branch to Launceston in Cornwall in 1865.

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