Bush Park Wildlife

Surrounded by forest, moorland and farmland with our own fields and small patch of woodland, there is abundant wildlife around Bush Park. If your simply want a peaceful walk shared with the occasional curious wild animal, a stay at Bush Park is all you need. This page will tell of our encounters with Bats, Buzzards, Swallows and all the others animals that share our patch of Devon countryside.

The closest some visitors get to our wildlife will be the view from the guest dining room and the bird table outside with regular visitors such as Hedge Sparrows (dunnocks to you), Blue Tits, Great Tits and Coal Tits.
There will be Chaffinches and Green Finches and sometimes Siskins. All will disappear when the Nuthatch appears.

Occasional visitors include Bullfinches and Goldfinches. This photo of a Spotted Woodpecker took several days with the camera on a tripod balanced on the kitchen window sill. When the Woodpecker appears, you have to freeze as it will notice any slight movement and be off.

Buzzards often soar overhead, Ravens lazily cross the sky making duck impressions. Enter our Westford Woods or Lydford Forest and a whole secret world of wildlife can be explored.

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