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Goat Welfare was formed ten years ago primarily to circulate free goat care leaflets, and to offer advice on all aspects of goatkeeping via our helplines. Jumble sales are our main source of funding, although donations are most welcome! The British Goat Society and the RSPCA kindly allow us to copy and circulate their leaflets along with our own. Agricultural shows are very often a layperson’s first introduction to goats and so are an excellent venue to display and offer leaflets. Perhaps only a few who read them will ever possess a goat, but if some knowledge has been gained this can only be beneficial for goat welfare.

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"We WON’T eat just anything”

Most animal species suffer from some degree of myth and falsehood. We may never quash these entirely, but we can all give goats a helping hand by offering the inexperienced the correct information. For sample leaflets, please forward your name and address, enclosing three 2nd class stamps to: Goat Welfare, The Orchard, Clevedon Lane, Clapton Wick, Clevedon, Somerset BS21 7AG

Goat Welfare Helplines: 01409 221230, 01822 820412
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“We DO need shelter”