This is not a dead
or even a sick goat. Its Libby enjoying
some sunbathing!

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This is Goat Chat



Form a relationship with goats and they will follow you anywhere. They seem to really enjoy the fellowship of humans and consequently benefit us in more ways than milk provider and bramble clearer. A goat will be happy to come to you for no reason other than it appears to derive some comfort from your nearness. For you to scratch their inaccessible places is a bonus. It would therefore seem to be ok to keep one as a pet. The goat, however, sees this differently, she is a herd animal, she needs companionship and her human has taken the place of the chief goat, but the dilemma is that you are needed constantly so that to deprive your goat of your presence is an act of unkindness. Two goats should be the smallest number you should consider - they will seek you out equally so that friendship is not diluted. We have five and if we stand still long enough we find all of them surrounding us, waiting patiently.

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