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Can you offer a home?

There are many reasons, changes of circumstances, owners moving or on welfare grounds that goats need help. Goat Welfare does not have a sanctuary, our aim is to educate the public about goats so that , hopefully, there will be no unwanted animals. However there are almost always goats on our register that need homes so, if you feel that you can help in that department then please contact us.

Goat Welfare Advice.

For excellent advice on everything about keeping, feeding and housing goats, first go to the British Goat Society website. If the answer to your question is not there, perhaps you have a sickly Saanen, a nervous Nubian, a Toggenberg with tender toes, .....then Jenny Neal may be able to help. Ask her advice over the internet by submitting your question below:

Please send us an e-mail by clicking on the text below giving as much information as possible regarding the breed, sex and age of goat.