Items for Sale - Summer 2011


This is the page for the odd items we may occasionally have for sale. Currently just the one item below.

Subject: Honda Z50M 1966 D Registered

The attached photos are of a 1966 Honda Monkey bike that has been out of service yet garaged for nearly 25 years. It was running until then and is in good condition for its age. It has however been fitted with a Honda S90 engine (1969 vintage) but the conversion would only be noticed by keen Monkey Bike enthusiasts.

Honda Monkey Bike

Honda Monkey Bike

 It is currently available for viewing in Devon England. The original logbook (also available) shows it was registered 21st June 1966. Frame No. SOO1989. Should you require more information please contact me at or its owner for the last 40 years at

Because of the engine change, we reallise it is not original but it would not take much to fully restore it to its original spec. We have seen original Monkey bikes fetching very high prices but due to the work involved in restoration, we are open to offers.

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